About Us

Virtual Cyber Labs is a 21st generation virtual university which comes with an all-in-one hub for students, aspirants, and cybersecurity enthusiasts. We believe in practicality and so our trainers. Get the App now and be a part of this practical simulation.
Learn from the Best amongst Best Cyber Educators, who are subject matter experts and are excellent in their respective domains. Get valuable insights of their experience, their learnings and upgrade yourself with an amazing skillset.
Here, below mentioned amazing features are there in this application which are great for your understanding of the topics:
· Courses specific Discussion Channels.
· Live Doubt classes with Trainers on Monthly Basis.
· Become a Partner Advantage
· Practical Lectures on Live Targets
· Virtual Currency of VCL Academy
· Valuable Certifications.
Let’s be a part of this revolution and develop a secure cyberspace. Get into the app and become an expert in your favorite topics.

Hands on Research

We are here to give you a platform where you can do hands on research with many more experts waiting for you !

Capture The Flag

After workshop/bootcamp, students have an opportunity to participate in CTFs for live security challenges.

Classic Experience

A complete batch of similar minded students when sit together, they start learning undiscovered things.

Virtual Experience

Our online bootcamps are the most amazing source for school students to learn in an interactive way!

Customized Syllabus

Our designed syllabus is exclusively for school students which will give them basics-intermediate skills.

Community Platform

Our own social media for cyber security enthusiasts provide them a huge human network for resources.


Find exclusive valuable research papers authored by Dr. Akashdeep Bharadwaj, Advisor and Mentor at Virtual Cyber Labs. Download and share with your fellow mates.