Cyber Threat Researcher

The complete course is Practical and Experienced Driven, almost 70% of the resources will be new to you, and are discovered or build by our team. This course is more about researching core domains of cybersecurity and giving you the right path for being a fabulous Cyber Crime Threat Researcher.

Cybercrimes are rapidly increasing everywhere, and thus, with the rapid increase, we need to prepare more Certified Cyber Warriors. This course is for everyone who is willing to understand the core concepts of cybersecurity. This will give you a complete guide of Real Life World Hacking and Security Applications.

After this course, you can prove yourself as a guardian for cyber victims. This course will not only teach you the practical security ways but will make you a good guardian for cybersecurity.

The complete course is Practical and Experienced Driven, almost 70% of the resources will be new to you, and are discovered or build by our team. After passing the examination, you can assist any cyber victim and can arrange workshops, seminars as you are a “Certified Cybersecurity Mentor”.

Course Contents

  • Importance of Cyberspace in Daily Life
  • Digital Footprints left online
  • Terms and Explanation
  • Website Creation and DNS
  • How our data is roaming around
  • How attackers takeover people
  • Hyperlinks – Definition, Creation, and use
  • COOKIES : Weapon for Hackers
  • Art of Google Dorking
  • Network Scanning Depth
  • Wireshark for Beginners
  • Immediate Prevention and Cure
  • Introduction to Burpsuite
  • Website Databse Retrieval using SQL
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Email Analysis In Detail
  • Security Checks and Measure
  • WordPress Hacking
  • User Information Gathering
  • Admin Bypass Methods
  • Cross Site Request Forgery
  • FTP Credentials Cracks

Mobile Risks and Exploiting Ways
Cryptography: A very concerning subject.
Miscellaneous Phishing Techniques
Securing your Gadgets effectively
Workflow behind Payment activities
Additional Cybersecurity Measures

Course Benefits

CCTR - VC Labs certificate

We understand the legalities while practice ethical hacking, thus get access to our premium 30+ labs access which are designed specifically to get hacked. Play attack and defense to learn effectively.

Do you feel bored while reading books and textbooks, well keeping in mind about cybersecurity technicalities, we bring you best curated Notes worth of 150 pages with full of diagrams and interactivity. A hard work of 8 + months. 

Well we will not even leave you after your course is done, you will be given various opportunities, to prove your skills and hacking stuff which you are going to learn at VCL.

Batch Schedule

The classes for December Batch will be conducted from 11 AM to 1 PM on weekends and on the following days:

January Batch:  8 Jan, 9 Jan, 15 Jan, 16 Jan, 22 Jan, 23 Jan

February Batch:  5 Feb, 6 Feb, 12 Feb, 13 Feb. 19 Feb, 20 Feb

Program Details


The classes will be held online on a secure video conferencing platform with a unique generated link for each participant for every meeting. 

12 Hours Training 

Application Deadline

30 January 2022

Program Fees

₹ 5000/-

This fee includes lab access, note access, Live Training and lectures, Internship opportunities, certificates, and ID card.

Who should attend ?

Anyone who is willing to join the domain of cybersecurity and is at a beginner stage, this course will be one of the most important assets for you. We highly recommend students, teachers, counselors, lawyers, and other enthusiasts to be a part of this prestigious course.


The Examination will be held on the month-end or after a week of last day of training which gives you a good amount of time to prepare yourself. The examination consists of 50 Multiple Choice Questions and certain practical lab challenges. You need to score 80% for availing of the National Cyber Cops benefits and certification. If in case you miss the examination or not passed, you can retake it next month for no additional charges.