Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. We host boot camps exclusively for school students to develop their interest in one of the most powerful domain – Cybersecurity. One month training from experts and leading industrialists will be enriching the child’s ability to think and boost up his skills. 

This course specially focuses on basics – intermediate skills for school and college students which they can easily understand and can get them in the use of daily life. We assure you to provide an efficient mechanism of teaching them through the most secure video conferencing platforms that take care of the student’s integrity.

Our custom-built virtual labs for students will be an interesting way to make them understand all minor to major concepts. We aim to create cyber warriors thus, our very affordable prices help most of them to fulfill their dreams of mastering computer security.  For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.


  • Need of Information Security
  • Cyber Crime and Laws
  • Understanding Penetration Testing
  • What is IP Address
  • Web Applications Working mechanism
  • Protocols
  • TCP and OSI Model
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • How they works and how to hide identity using VPN
  • Disadvantages of VPN
  • Conclusion
  • How victims get trapped
  • Legal ways to counter cyber crimes
  • How a cyber criminal thinks
  • Types of motives behind rising cyber crime
  • Information Gathering Tools For online Information Gathering
    Reverse IP Domain Check
    Personal Information gathering
    Information Gathering By Social Engineering
  • Introduction to Enumeration
  • Gathering all info about a website
  • Finding Subdomains Manually and Automatically
  • Tools used for enumeration
  • Introduction to Hyper ledgers and Virtualization concept
  • Kali Linux and Virtual Machines
  • Necessary Tools Installation
  • Kali Linux all basics of Tools and commands

Trace someone IP Address
Email hacking & Security
Social Networking Accounts Hacking
Fake Emails
Email and Fake Profile Tracing

  • Introduction to Google Hacking Database
  • Google Dorks and implementation
  • Improvement in Search Results

Difference between Virus, worms & Trojans
Virus & worms making Techniques
Types of Trojan
RAT Trojan making Techniques

What is Password Cracking
Types of Password Cracking
Documents Password Cracking
How to Protect Your Files and Folders

Introduction to Key loggers
Windows password Cracking and Tools
How to Protect Your System

Introduction to Cryptography
Types of Cryptography Algorithms
Encryption Analysis

Network Scanning for OS Detection & Open Ports
Android Phone Hacking remotely in LAN
Metasploit Exploits and basic guide

  • Introduction to Firewalls and Types
  • What is the need
  • How to be safe on Internet with tools
  • Best ways to be a cyber warrior for anyone
  • Closing Remarks and Certifications.

These Courses are for Institutions in Bulk, If you are a school/college or any institute, contact us.