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Introduction to real Hacking
Truth Behind Networks
Myth of Investigation
Black Hat – the wise art

What is IP Address
Web Applications Working mechanism Protocols
TCP and OSI Model
Virtual Private Networks
How they works and how to hide identity using VPN
Disadvantages of VPN

Difference between webpage, website
What is webserver
Types of webserver
Shared and Dedicated Webservers
How a website works?
Process behind web flow

Website Creation from scratch
ZERO DOLLAR website creation
Hosting on drive and free servers

How victims get trapped
Legal ways to counter cyber crimes
How a cyber criminal thinks
Types of motives behind rising cyber crime

Concepts of Cloud hacking
AWS, Digital Ocean services
Free Cloud and services
Hacking into cloud apps

Introduction to Hyper ledgers and Virtualization concept
Kali Linux and Virtual Machines
Necessary Tools Installation
Kali Linux all basics of Tools and commands

Introduction to Enumeration
Gathering all info about a website
Finding Subdomains Manually and Automatically
Tools used for enumeration

Information Gathering Tools For online Information Gathering
Reverse IP Domain Check
Personal Information gathering
Information Gathering By Social Engineering

Effective recon theory and Importance
DNS records and Directory recon
Website copier and prevention
Hacking web Time Machine
Automated Tools – Web Killer, Final Recon
Automating Dorks on google
ROBOTS TXT File details

Trace someone IP Address
Email hacking & Security
Social Networking Accounts Hacking
Fake Emails
Email and Fake Profile Tracing

Introduction to Google Hacking Database
Google Dorks and implementation
Improvement in Search Results

Difference between Virus, worms & Trojans
Virus & worms making Techniques
Types of Trojan
RAT Trojan making Techniques

What is Password Cracking
Types of Password Cracking
Documents Password Cracking
How to Protect Your Files and Folders

Network Scanning for OS Detection & Open Ports
Android Phone Hacking remotely in LAN
Introduction to Key loggers
Windows password Cracking and Tools
How to Protect Your SystemMetasploit Exploits and basic guide


Additional Search using JSON
Analyse Similar Domains
Switching User Agents
WhatsApp Analytics
Windows Social Engineering using Exe
IP and Location tracking using Seeker
Hacking Android in Local Networks – No Touch

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Register before July 19, 2024 to unlock bonuses worth ₹ 15,000

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Know your mentor

Know your mentor

Hi, I’m Dipanshu Parashar, CEO and Founder at Virtual Cyber Labs.

I am a Cybersecurity Researcher and have worked with multiple State police in assisting them with cyber crimes and security. I have been working with some departments of Education, gov. of India, to implement Cybersecurity Awareness and Technical Foundation.

With over 7+ Years of Experience in this industry, I have trained around 44,000+ students, have been 3 Times TEDx Speaker, have written two books,international research papers and having 20+ globally recognized Industrial Certificates.

If you are reading this, by now, You should have decided to be a part of this program, and I can assure you the best experience along with me.


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The training will take place for 10 days, each day 2 Hours of training, and it will go on Mon-Fri for two weeks. Starting from 26th February.

It is a completely LIVE training and you will also get recordings for a period of time.

Yes! It is a Virtual Cyber Labs certified Training and is industrially accepted.

Yes, over 50+ tools and notes will be given to you during the training.

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