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Develop a passion for Cyber Security!

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Our three exclusively designed courses for everyone; entrepreneurs or business owners; and cybercrime investigators have been recognized by many industry experts and are a perfect fit for their choice. One month of training from experts and leading industrialists will be enriching your’s thinking and approach methodologies.

Our custom-built virtual hacking simulated labs for students will be an interesting way to make them understand all minor to major concepts. We aim to create cyber warriors thus, our very affordable prices help most of them to fulfill their dreams of mastering computer security.  Contact us now to know more.


Passport to the SUCCESS!

Live Online Trainings

We believe in providing hands-on live training on a secured video conferencing platform rather than pre-recorded content

Exclusive Syllabus

After a lot of research, we have designed the most effective syllabus which will boost your hacking and security skills.

Hacking Simulated Labs

Practice legally on our designed 30+ premium hacking labs powered by AWS and IBM. Get real world experience.

Affordable Price

Worried about the high prices of the market, well we are here to provide effective content at the most affordable prices till now.

Community Platform

Our own social media for cybersecurity enthusiasts provides you a huge human network for resources and interaction.

Capstone Project

Get regular assignments to check your skillset and at the end, work in a team to create a revolutionary capstone project.


Cybercrimes are rapidly increasing everywhere, and thus, with the rapid increase, we need to prepare more Certified Cyber Warriors. This course is for everyone who is willing to understand the core concepts of cybersecurity. This will give you a complete guide of Real Life World Hacking and Security Applications


This course has been designed for enthusiasts who want to work in corporate security. This course is for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, security analysts which gives you detailed learning of securing small and medium-sized enterprises. From designing your own servers to implementing honeypots, this makes you a professional corporate leader.



This course comes with a lot of responsibilities to a cybersecurity professional. Solving cyber crime cases and assisting victims on regular bases doesn’t only give you learning but will also give you opportunity to witness live cases effectively.

The complete course is Practical and you will be given opportunity to be National Cyber Cop who can assist all victims in their locality or state. Along with your own ID card, you will be dealing with corporate, individual and other cases. Get this now. 


With more than 3000+ members, The Cyber Agents is a place that is dedicated to Cyber Security, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts. Our mission is to make people more passionate about Cyber Security and help them to make new connections.

This platform provides a lot of opportunities for the newbies as well as the experts. It is a public community where anyone can join free of cost. We have a team of certified professionals who are providing free help to cyber victims all across India.

Our Community Platform is being used and recommended by the leading Cyber Security Experts. We hope you take advantage of the platform to grade up your skills and increase your network by connecting with other members.

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It is one of it's unique kind to establish a virtual ecosystem!

Create groups and chat with your batch mates, get all the resources at a single place and VIP access to the platform with amazing unlocked features for you!

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Academic Institution Courses


This course is exclusively designed for school students. You can see the detailed syllabus below on the site itself.


The most precious course with the maximum number of students and rare topics of cybersecurity are covered.


The advanced topics of web application and bug bounty are specially covered for IT professionals. Explore now!

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We at VC-LABS host free virtual webinars where we invite many esteemed speakers who share their experiences and information for free! Register in upcoming webinars…


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