Enterprise Security Officer V2

This course has been designed for enthusiasts who want to work in corporate security. This course is for Entrepreneurs, and security researchers and is a journey from scratch to an advanced level of Blue and Purple Teaming domains of cybersecurity. The First-ever placement-oriented course in India guarantees you the skills which are the urgent need of corporates today! Enroll today and learn to excell!

Are you an Entrepreneur or do you own a business? I hope you realize the results when a company faces any cyber attack and try to find solutions or mitigating ways. Several businesses switched to online facilities, top big tech giants are software companies and now even small stores have their online presence, but, more you are up on Internet, the more risks are waiting for you.

Several businesses switched to online facilities, top big tech giants are software companies and now even small stores have their online presence, but, more you are up on Internet, more risks are waiting for you.

The complete course is Practical and Experienced Driven, almost 70% of the resources will be new to you, and are discovered or build by our team. After passing the examination, you can assist any corporate sector to set up cybersecurity essentials, as you are an “Enterprise Security Officer”.

Course Contents

Practicality of Security in Businesses
Cybersecurity Environment Today
CIA Triad and it’s Applications
Vulnerability, Risk and Threats
Overview to Enterprise Framework

Types of different Cyber attacks on business
Network and System Based Attacks
Mobile, DDOS, Wireless attacks
Cloud based risks and threats
Injection vectors

Overview of Email attacks and Security
Setting up SPF
Setting up DKIM
Templates vectors and attacks

Understanding Intrusion Techniques
How Hackers Hack in Companies
Setting up Honeypot Trap
Preparing Attack and Defense
Maltego : Practical Approach to Tracking

Overview of Firewalls and Solutions
Types of Firewalls and Importance
Windows and Linux Firewall Configuration
Setting own Intrusion Detection System
Intrusion Prevention Systems
Case Study – Inevitable Attacks

> Wheel of Infosec
> Decoding ATT&CK
> Understanding TTPs
> Cyber Kill Chain
> APT Concept
> Pyramid of Pain
> ATT&CK Matrices
> ATT&CK Navigator
> IoCs

> Cyber Threat Intelligence
> Demonstration of IBM X-Force Exchange
> Alientvault OTX, Abuse Feeds & MISP Platform
> Mapping CTI with ATT&CK

> Why Red Team Simulation is needed?
> MITRE Caldera
> Red Team Canary & Monkey Island

> Strategies & Scope
> CVE to TTPs
> Vector for Purple Team
> Other Lab Scenarios

> Understanding SIEM
> Need & Importance
> Applicability
> Options available in the market

> Fundamentals of Splunk
> Components & Architecture
> Installation, Basic Use Cases
> Importing Data in Splunk
> Understanding KQL
> Collecting Windows Logs in Splunk
> Splunk Enterprise Security
> Splunk Administrative Concepts
> Changing Basic Options, License Management
> Splunk App Installation
> Index Bucket & Storage Calculation, User Managememt,
> Authentication Management, Data Ingestion
> Forwarder, Indexer & Searchead Config
> Network Inputs
> HTTP Event Collector
> Fine Tuning
> API Integration

> Introduction, About Wazuh
> Components & Architecture
> Installation
> Server Administration
> Wazuh Agents & Tuning, Wazuh Labs for
detection of various attack vectors

> What is ELK Stack
> Components, Scalability, Installation
> Ingestion ofWindows events in Elastic
> Kibana Basic Use Case
> Model Improvement & Integration

> Security Orchestration Automation
> Reposne Theory, Use Cases
> Practical Use Case via ELK Stack & Shuffle
> Splunk Phantom (optional)

> What is hardening and its importance
> Windows endpoint and different possibilities
> Create Active Directory Lab Virtual Machines
> MS Hardening Guidelines
> CIS Security Baselines
> MISC Hardening Options

> Setting up home lab for QRadar in DO
> Installation of QRadar CE
> QRadar Architecture
> DSM Install & Upgrade
> Introduction to QRoC
> Administrative Functions
> Onboarding Linux As A Log Source in QRadar
> Understanding Rules
> Anomaly Detection Engine Rules and
Building Blocks & Applying Wincollect Patch
> Wincollect Managed Onboarding
and User Creation
> Windows Standalone Deployment
and Sysmon Integration
> Custom Event Properties & Use Cases

> Fundamentals of Azure Sentinel
> Installation, Viewing Data
> Importing Data
> RunBooks, Monitoring

> Incident Handling & Process & Lifecycle
> Incident Handling Forms
> Maltego for IR, GRR Use Cases
> Use of Velociraptor, Network Flow Theory
> Bro & Snort Fundamentals
> Preparation & Defending Labs, SOC 3.0
> Demo of OneTrust Platform, Digital Forensics
> Chain of Custody
> Using Autopsy & Disk Imaging Tools
> Triage & Analysis

> Understanding cases with KIOSK
> Gaining access in Kiosk setups
> Building your own Machine with Lockdown tool
> Breking out or exploitation easy mode
> Building Machine with Hard and complex ways
> Exploitation of the complex machine

> Hack the Box Mahines Setup
> Enumeration of the Black Box
> Exploring Automatic Enumerating tools
> Escalation Path Kernel Exploits
> Password Extractions


> Introduction to Blockchain
> Smart Contracts Deployment
> Non Fungible Tokens – NFT Scams
> Companies Adopting Blockchain
> Digital Currency Security.

Batch Schedule

The classes are always going to be held on weekends considering college students and working professionals.

This is a 50 hour long course, each class of 2-2.5 hours and this will last for 2 months.

Program Details


The classes will be held online on a secure video conferencing platform with a unique generated link for each participant for every meeting.

50 Hours Training.

Application Deadline

25 May’ 2022

Program Fees

₹ 25,000/-

This fee includes lab access, note access, Live Training and lectures, Recordings post session, custom tools, Certificates and ID Card,

Who should attend ?

Designed to give you beginner to the pro experience of securing companies, enterprises and work as IT advisors for startups. This course is for those who are Entrepreneurs, Business owners or are looking to get Corporate Security Experience. If you want to be an IT expert in terms of securing online activities, get this course now.


The Examination will be held on the month-end or after a week of last day of training which gives you a good amount of time to prepare yourself. The examination consists of 50 Multiple Choice Questions and certain practical lab challenges. You need to score 80% for availing of the National Cyber Cops benefits and certification. If in case you miss the examination or not passed, you can retake it next month for no additional charges.

Course Benefits

We understand the legalities while practice ethical hacking, thus get access to our premium 30+ labs access which are designed specifically to get hacked. Play attack and defense to learn effectively.

Do you feel bored while reading books and textbooks, well keeping in mind about cybersecurity technicalities, we bring you best curated Notes worth of 150 pages with full of diagrams and interactivity. A hard work of 8 + months. 

Well we will not even leave you after your course is done, you will be given various opportunities, to prove your skills and hacking stuff which you are going to learn at VCL.