Cyber Criminologist

The requirement of this course is especially for those who are cybersecurity professionals and believe that they can assist and solve cybercrime cases. This course is specially designed with a lot of technical aspects. There are techniques and tools and attacking methodologies. Get yourself enrolled now in this most exciting course offering. 

Cybercrimes are rapidly increasing everywhere, and thus, with the rapid increase, we need to prepare more Certified Cyber Warriors. This course is for cyber professionals which gives you complete detailed guide on solving various types of cases. 

This course comes with a lot of responsibilities to a cybersecurity professional. Solving cyber crime cases and assisting victims on regular bases doesn’t only give you learning but will also give you opportunity to witness live cases effectively.

The complete course is Practical and you will be given opportunity to be National Cyber Cop who can assist all victims in their locality or state. Along with your own ID card, you will be dealing with corporate, individual and other cases. Get this now. 

Course Contents

Criminological Theories
Introduction to Cyberspace
Frauds, Victims and Vectors
Cyber threats and Identification

Cyber Focused Crimes – Financial
Cyber Enabled Crimes – Harassment
Graph Generation
Finally, attacking the attacker

Understanding Methodologies
Social Exploitation and Tools
Human Manipulation Tricks
Online Radicalization
Self prevention and protection

Overview of OSINT
Gathering all details
Facebook and Instagram Recon
LinkedIn and Twitter OSINT
Looking Profiles Anonymously

Deep and Dark Web Crawling
Onion Links Advanced Vulnerability Scanning
Software setup and data extraction
Deanonymizing hidden services
Tor Exonerator IP Reverse
Bypassing TOR Censorship

Bitcoin Investigations via DarkNet
Fetching Cryptocurrency Address details
Address validation and account balancing
Common link between malicious transactions
Wallet Exploration and Chain Analysis
PassiveDNS and transactions IP Fetch

Introduction to Cryptography
Various encryptions and encoding
Scripting challenges and decryption
Steganography and tools
Image forensics and geodata
Manual embedding metadata and files

Overview and need of laws
Contraventions Vs Crime
Policing Services in India
Required Cyber Crime Laws (Rare).
Conclusion on Cyber Investigation

Accessing the hacker’s IP
Virtual IP phones and MINT Web Extensions
Automating Everything
What are botnets and crimes?
Crimes related to Cloud
Scraping and Arrangement
Private Investigation Starter

Course Benefits

We understand the legalities while practice ethical hacking, thus get access to our premium 30+ labs access which are designed specifically to get hacked. Play attack and defense to learn effectively.

Do you feel bored while reading books and textbooks, well keeping in mind about cybersecurity technicalities, we bring you best curated Notes worth of 150 pages with full of diagrams and interactivity. A hard work of 8 + months. 

Well we will not even leave you after your course is done, you will be given various opportunities, to prove your skills and hacking stuff which you are going to learn at VCL.

Batch Schedule

The classes for December Batch will be conducted from 5 PM to 7 PM on weekends and on the following days:

January Batch:  8 Jan, 9 Jan, 15 Jan, 16 Jan, 22 Jan, 23 Jan, 29 Jan, 30 Jan

February Batch:  5 Feb, 6 Feb, 12 Feb, 13 Feb. 19 Feb, 20 Feb, 26 Feb, 27 Feb

Program Details


The classes will be held online on a secure video conferencing platform with a unique generated link for each participant for every meeting. 

20 Hours Training 

Application Deadline

30 January 2022

Program Fees

₹ 10000/-

This fee includes lab access, note access, Live Training and lectures, Internship opportunities, certificates, and ID card.

Who should attend ?

The course is specially designed with various technical aspects, tools, usage, implementation, and policymaking. This course is to convert you from a normal cybersecurity enthusiast to a cybercrime investigator. It is for IT professionals who want to build their careers especially in cybersecurity or digital forensics. 


The Examination will be held on the month-end or after a week of last day of training which gives you a good amount of time to prepare yourself. The examination consists of 50 Multiple Choice Questions and certain practical lab challenges. You need to score 80% for availing of the National Cyber Cops benefits and certification. If in case you miss the examination or not passed, you can retake it next month for no additional charges.